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Middle Moche Period

The Middle Moche Period corresponds with the earliest moments of human occupation in San José de Moro (400-600 AD). It is characterized by the presence of boot-shaped tombs which consist of a long shaft of 2 m average depth, with a lateral vault, inside which was deposited an individual and his or her respective offerings. Afterward, the vault was closed with an adobe seal. These graves were usually grouped in family clusters whose central tomb was distinguished by the higher quality and greater number of its accompanying offerings, primarily ceramics and metals.

Floors of the Middle Moche Period have a large number of small holes, of 15 cm average diameter, which must have served as anchors for posts of temporary structures in which were accommodated visitors on funeral days. Also discovered were pots with evidence of cooking, hearths, crucible offerings and sherds of domestic ceramics.

At the same time, in the Jequetepeque Valley, it began the construction of various systems of irrigation in the Chamán River delta, and sites such as Cerro Chepén, Cerro Catalina, San Ildefonso and Pacatnamú were established.





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