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  Field School Program
  • Conference on Moche Political Organization at Stanford University
    Dr. Luis Jaime Castillo has been invited to be Distinguished Lecturer at Stanford University during the month of June to lead a conference on Moche Political Organization.
  • San José de Moro in the 74th SAA Meeting in Atlanta.
    In April, Dr. Luis Jaime Castillo, Prof. Julio Rucabado, Carlos Rengifo and Ana Cecilia Mauricio will be speakers in Atlanta on a panel organized by the Society for American Archaeologists (SAA) on the theme of Moche Warfare.
  • Conference organized by Dumbarton Oaks
    Dr. Luis Jaime Castillo and Dr. Carole Fraresso will speak at a conference organized by Dumbarton Oaks addressing the theme of Inalienable Possessions in Moche Culture.
  • Doctoral Seminars on SJM at the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville.
    Since 2002, during the months of January and February, Dr. Luis Jaime Castillo and other Peruvian and foreign colleagues participate in the Doctoral Program in Latin American History, Indigenous Worlds, offered by Pablo de Olavide University in Seville. Dr. Castillo teaches classes concerning archaeology of Peruvian North Coast, the Moche, and ancient societies of the Jequetepeque Valley.
  • 49th Annual Institute for Andean Studies meeting in California
    Dr. Luis Jaime Castillo and Prof. Ágnes Rohfritsch were invited by Berkeley University through the Institute for Andean Studies to give a conference on the Priestesses of San José de Moro and physical-chemical studies of Moche ceramics for the 49th annual meeting of the group.
  • Conference of second Congress of the Amerindian Studies Network in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
    In April of 2008, Dr. Castillo and Carlos Rengifo participated in the Congress of the Amerindian Studies Network, which centered on the theme of “The Funerary Identity of Specialists: The San José de Moro Cases and the Construction of Identity during the Transitional Period”.
  • Arqueología Mochica: Nuevos Enfoques Published
    In May 2008, the Editoral Press of the Catholic University of Peru and the French Institute for Andean Studies published the Minutes of the First International Congress of Young Investigators of Moche Culture, under the title Arqueología Mochica: Nuevos Enfoques. The book was co-edited by Luis Jaime Castillo, Hélène Bernier, Gregory Lockard and Julio Rucabado Yong. Some SJMAP investigators presented articles in this publication.
  • Digital publication of the reports of the San José de Moro Archaeological Program
    The Department of Academic Investigation in cooperation with the Humanities Department of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru financed the digital publication of CDs that include comprehensive textual and graphic information on the excavations at San José de Moro from 2004 to 2007.


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