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The San José de Moro Archaeological Program (SJMAP) has had an impact not only on the scientific community and for specialists in the discipline of archaeology, but also for the locality of San José de Moro itself.

With the passage of years, the SJMAP has involved the community of SJM with the activities of archaeological excavation and with the preservation and care of the site. The continuing interaction between investigators and local community members has resulted in a manageable dynamic and promotion of discovery. At the same time, the SJMAP has incentivized the revival of ancestral technologies by the inhabitants of SJM, for whom the recovery of ancient artisanal practices has allowed an opportunity for economic development and exposure to tourism.

Another contribution by the SJMAP to this locality has been the construction of a Modular Museum System, featuring the Open Excavation Area Module, which displays the most noteworthy components of an active excavation, and the Reconstruction Module at the Tomb of the Priestess of San José de Moro, which is the place most visited by domestic and international tourists.

In recent years, the SJMAP has prioritized cooperation with primary and secondary schools of SJM, contributing to the construction of classrooms and bathrooms, supporting basic infrastructure projects and, most of all, trying to instill in children and their parents a sense of identity with their archaeological heritage. At the same time, we have emphasized the necessity of thinking towards future development, which cannot be designed solely for the satisfaction of immediate needs.

Finally, one of the most gratifying results has been the formation of student folk dance troupes. With this movement we hope to engender a revival of attitudes and expectations among the locals for the important role that should be played by the archaeological heritage that lies below the feet of the villagers of SJM.


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