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The History of the San José de Moro Archaeological Program.

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San José de Moro (SJM) is a small community located on the right bank of the Chamán river in the Jequetepeque Valley, which was one of the most important cemetery sites and  regional ceremonial centers of the Moche society and subsequent cultures..
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In 1991, when investigations at San José de Moro began...
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The San José de Moro Archaeological Program was initiated in 1991 under the direction of Luis Jaime Castillo
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Social Responsibility
The San José de Moro Archaeological Program (SJMAP) has had an impact not only on the scientific community and for specialists in the discipline of archaeology, but also for the locality of San José de Moro itself.
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Photo Gallery
Equipment and field work in San Jose de Moro.
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- Conference on Moche Political Organization at Stanford University


- San José de Moro in the 74th SAA Meeting in Atlanta.

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