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Jonathan Ruane ::: Boston University
“My experience at San Jose de Moro was amazing. All of the people in the program were great and I learned so much. The weekly lectures and trips really added to the cultural emersion of the program. My team started on a new excavation on the site that uncovered an amazing elite burial. It was my experiences at San Jose de Moro that lead directly to my decision to enter graduate school for a PhD in archaeology.”
Natalia Guzmán ::: New York University
"The San Jose de Moro Archaeological Project provided one of the best learning environments a field school can provide. The program is meticulously coordinated and organized; making sure that during the day you will always have something to do. The relationship that forms between the site leaders/project director and students is very close. There is always someone you can turn to when you have questions; whether they are about archaeology or about getting around town. The site leaders were great mentors and they went out of their way to explain to us why we were doing things in a certain way. Needless to say, we were not just there doing mindless labor. I cannot stress enough that SJMAP is designed to teach students various techniques of archeological field work. Students are expected to keep journals where they record the day's progress, discoveries, and achievements. We were also given lectures a few days a week on regional archaeology projects. Our itinerary included trips to nearby archaeological sites too. Of course, there was also time for leisure and fun and most nights were free for us to do whatever we wanted. That being said, we were always expected to be ready to go to the field at 6:50 AM regardless of what we had been up to the night before. At San Jose de Moro I was able to make friends whom I still keep in contact with today and not just among the other students, but with the site leaders as well."
Caroline Thiriet ::: Université Bordeaux III
“Une expérience aussi enrichissante humainement que professionnellement. Un réel échange entre des étudiants venant de divers pays et ayant des cursus différents. Une approche de l'archéologie Mochica rendue complète de part le travail sur le chantier et les différentes présentations données tout au long du programme par des spécialistes. Et de vrais bons souvenirs des sorties du week end.”
Rebekah Montgomery ::: University of New Mexico
“… I once said, “This is archaeology, no joke!” And it truly is. With the long, tiring, and yet exciting days in the field and in the lab, to surveys through the hills, to lectures given by those most knowledgeable in the field, all the way to weekends spent at other prolific sights we have only read about in books and scientific journals. Added onto this already packed schedule is the experience of communal living that can only be characterized as a special bond where teacher, student, peer, and friend find themselves on the same level through learning and adventure in archaeology. This was a truly amazing experience and certainly one that I hope to relive very soon.”
Jamie Luensman ::: University of Illinois
“My experience working at San Jose de Moro was an incredible opportunity to explore the practical aspects of archaeology, while learning about a foreign culture and building friendships with people from different parts of the world. I would strongly recommend participating in the field school program at PUCP!”

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